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Ultimate CBD Warehouse Owner's Hemp Products Confiscated in Arizona but Allowed to Keep Medical Cannabis!

Ultimate CBD Warehouse Owner's Hemp Products Confiscated in Arizona but Allowed to Keep Medical Cannabis!

I want to inform everyone of what happened to me over the weekend. I was driving through northern Arizona returning from Las Vegas when a state trooper pulled me over for passing a semi too slow; thus impeding left lane travel after exiting a construction zone. Speed 68 mph in a 75 mph zone.  I told the officer about my medical cannabis and showed him my medical card. No problems, Right? Sorry, the officer says, I think all of your company’s Hemp CBD products contain THC, so I am going to confiscate all of it for testing. Approximately $8,000 worth! But hey I got to keep my Medical Cannabis worth $50.

I was wearing a company logoed t-shirt, had business cards and brochures with addresses matching my driver's license, vehicle registration, insurance card, and Medical Cannabis license.   Packaged merchandise from Healing Harbors, Bees Knees CBD, Earth E CBD, Green Mountain Hemp, Green Roads CBD, KOI, Heady Harvest, CBDfx to name a few. So do you think I am a legitimate business person?  Arizona State Troopers didn't think so because if he did, he wouldn't have confiscated my packaged products.

I will get my inventory back eventually because I know there is no THC in those products, but it will take time and cost me in legal fees, ($3000-$5000), causing undue hardships to my business for no other reason than politicians not clarifying the conflict in the laws surrounding CBD.

Please spread this story and ask your representatives to resolve the conflicts in the federal and state laws surrounding the Hemp CBD industry. I don't want anyone else to go through the hardship of losing inventory, the extra costs associated reclaiming products, not to mention any product opened for testing is destroyed and no longer available for resale.

Thank you for your support for Veteran-owned small businesses.

House and Senate Contacts:

Colorado State Contacts

  • Senator Michael Bennet, 202-224-5852 (DC), Contact Form and Office Information, Facebook, @SenatorBennet
  • Senator Cory Gardner 202-224-5941(DC), Contact Form, Office Information, Facebook, @SenCoryGardner.
  • Go to www.house.gov to look up your Representative by zip code.

    Arizona State Contacts

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