CBD Living


Are you looking for a tasty alternative way to consume CBD for pain, inflammation, or stress? CBD Living has just what you want! Try our delicious hemp CBD chocolate bars. Another option is our CBD infused water.

Established in Corona Califonia in 2013, CBD Living is an international company with stores located around the world.

Their hemp is grown organically under the bright Rocky Mountain sun in Colorado. The results are no chemicals, heavy metals, or solvents in our products. State-licensed facilities produce our premium hemp CBD extract. Also, their proprietary technology increases bioavailability by up to 90%.  Nano-technology allows us to reduce CBD molecules into nano-sized droplets. The results,  your body absorbs the Cannabidiol more efficiently, which means you consume less.

CBD Chocolate bars are an excellent choice to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Our hemp chocolate bars undergo strict lab testing to ensure quality and consistency.  The results, each bite has the same dose of hemp extract. Proper dosing is essential when using CBD for pain.

A Certificate of Analysis is available for all of our products. Check our website to match the specific lot number to the product purchased.

Who would have thought about adding Cannabidiol to water for a healthier lifestyle? CBD Living, who else!  It makes sense to consume CBD infused water to enjoy the benefits of CBD because we are prominently water.

Finally, if you want quality hemp cbd for stress, anxiety, or pain, then purchase CBD Living CBD chocolate bars, or CBD infused Water.

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