Ever Hemp

Ever Hemp is brought to us by Ever Bar, delivering the beneficial properties of hemp in a beautiful tasting bar. We use and infuse only full-spectrum oil and hemp seed oil, providing 25 mg of CBD. Quality hemp is excellent at providing a balance of proteins along with vitamin E, and naturally occurring cannabinoids. Because of this, we call hemp a superfood. Our products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Working hard for years for a new facility in 2016, we finally cut the ribbon on our Michigan production facility, producing our products. We want to be able to meet everyone's needs in a faster and more efficient way, so our new facility's location is outside of Grand Rapids. We have our licensing with the state of Michigan and operating in a new 1200 sq. Ft production lab.

We now have an exciting team of thirty plus customer-centric employees and still growing. Our robust employees follow strict high-quality guidelines to bring you the best beneficial product possible.

Our products listed here use a proper source of industrial hemp oil, which never comes from China. ALL of our products that we are manufacturing are from a local source.

By testing all of our products regularly, we can be sure of the cannabinoid potency, and purity and more.

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