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Are you looking for premium cbd vape oil? Do you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD through vaping? Did you know vaping hemp CBD juice provides the same benefits as using edible CBD products? Vaping CBD for anxiety provides quicker relief compared to using Cannabidiol edibles. Search no more! Gorilla CBD is an excellent choice for quality vape CBD e-liquids.

To ensure quality, we have our premium CBD vape juice tested by third-party labs. Gorilla CBD tests to ensure no solvents or pesticides are present. Also, it proves the amount of CBD in our products. As a result,  our customers have peace of mind about the quality and potency of our products. The Certificate of Analysis for each of our products is available on our website.

Enjoy multiple tasty flavors of hemp CBD vape oil. Gorilla CBD offers these delicious flavors: Strawberry Custard, Wild Berry, Banna Custard, Ice Peach Straw, Grape, and Ice Mango. All of our CBD vape e-juice is 100% THC Free!

You can use Gorilla CBD as either a CBD vape oil or a sublingual hemp CBD oil tincture. You can use our vape oil with any vape device. There are no particular wattage or settings requirements. When you use Gorilla CBD as a tincture, apply the required number of drops under your tongue. Allow the oil to remain under your tongue for a brief time to allow absorption of CBD. Then swallow the oil. Using hemp oil tinctures is a popular way to use CBD for anxiety.

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