Treatible's CBD

Treatible's CBD commitment is promoting harmony for everyone in the family, including our pets. Because this is their mission, they are providing pets with a happy and healthy lifestyle with products from hemp oil. We are formulating Treatibles with compassionate care values, integrity, and high-quality ingredients. All of our products are expressing with compassionate care and are certified that way, and proudly made in the USA.

Treatible's CBD is a reliable and beneficial alternative for your pets from bag-to-bag. Our full-spectrum CBD oil is always doing third-party lab testing to ensure the correct cannabinoid content. Because of this, we can rule out any pesticides or contaminants as well as heavy metals. Additional to this, all final products undergo testing to ensure consistency and CBD potency. These CBD pet treats are non-psychoactive as well as non-toxic and virtually THC free. We offer lab tests on every product.

With the help of our master cultivators, we have a proprietary formula that features many benefits of CBD. Since our hemp cultivators are masters in this field, we have access to different genetics that makes up the hemp plant. With these genetics, it is enabling us to maintain and develop a propriety blend. Because of this, it ensures us our formula is not replicable.

These CBD pet chews are using Good Manufacturing Practices(GMPs) in certifiable Safe Quality Foods(SQF) facilities. Because of this, they offer pets accurate dosing and product quality that is not possible in a commercial kitchen.

All Treatibles Hemp CBD Treats contain no THC, so they are non-psychoactive.

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