Urbal Activ Pet Line

Urbal Activ Serenity CBD Cat Snacks - 40mg 

Discover CBD producing Urbal Activ Pet Line, has it's home base surrounded by beautiful mountains in beautiful Colorado Springs. Three individuals with the knowledge of the CBD health benefits founding this company.  All three founders bring a unique and knowledgeable skill set to formulating our products for Urbal Activ.

The founders are:

  • Medical Doctor with professional knowledge of family medicine and nutrition.
  • An experienced hemp and marijuana Horticulturists with an ongoing understanding of CBD products and their makers. These Horticulturists are very knowledgeable about the different CBD strains.
  • And lastly a Business Professional in the natural and medicinal supplemental industry

Because of the strict regulations of the medical marijuana industry, we were unable to introduce the benefits of CBD for humans or pets. All three saw the need for hemp-related products and CBD but was not able to present it through the medical marijuana platform.

 When it became apparent, there was a deep need. There were multitudes of families moving to colorado and uprooting themselves for the much-needed CBD products even for their pets. With the introduction of industrial hemp-derived CBD pet products, they can finally bring the health benefits of CBD to our best friends and companions!

So are you looking for an excellent CBD product for your Cat? Do you want high-quality CBD pet treats? Try Urbal Activ Pet Line of CBD and watch your pet's mobility increase and pain decrease.

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