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When CBD reaches concentrations of sixty percent or above, it wants to crystallize. Crystallization makes it much harder to make vape cartridges of higher potency. So, those fine folks at For The People CBD came up with a brand new battery kit called the EliteHEAT.

The CBTFTP EliteHeat’s warming chamber makes sure that even crystallized CBD cartridges stay fluid. Want to know more about this new battery pack? Then read on to learn all about the new EliteHEAT CBD vape cartridge!

The Breakthrough

The big issue with high-potency CBD vape cartridges is the crystallization problem. The last big select battery kit from CBDFTP was the FTP Elite and capped at that all-important sixty-percent line. You used the X2 cartridges with these, and they worked great!

Now, with the EliteHEAT battery kit, we have the X3 cartridge line, now with higher potency! The pack is compatible with 510-thread cartridges and has everything the old FTP Elite had with the bonus of the warming chamber that will keep your CBD cartridge nice and fluid for you. You also get multiple voltages and a preheat setting!

Using the EliteHEAT With an X3 Cartridge

When you’re ready to vape, turn on the battery by clicking the button five times in one second. Now you’ll want to make sure the battery is set for the correct voltage. The recommended setting is white, to start with, and to cycle voltage, you triple-click the button within one second.

Now, screw the cartridge onto the battery’s threads, making sure the airflow holes are open. Then slide the preheating chamber over the cartridge and screw it onto the batter, as well. If the wax looks like tiny crystals, don’t worry.

Finally, you’ll want to double-tap the button to start the preheating cycle. Over the next ninety seconds, the button’s color will change every thirty seconds as the voltage goes up to heat the X3 cartridge fully. If the weather is cold, or you’ve spent extra time in a freezer, don’t be afraid to run another preheating cycle!

The only thing left to do is to bring the cartridge tip to your lips and try it out. Just hold down the button while you inhale, only taking small puffs. Remember this is high-concentration a CBD cartridge, and it’s best to be careful!

When you want to turn off the battery, click the button five times in one second like you did when you turned it on. Now, sit back and enjoy your new higher-concentration cartridges and the new EliteHEAT!

Grab Yourself Some CBDFTP!

CDBFTP spent a year working on the EliteHEAT, and now you can get yours. You can get the EliteHEAT and compatible X3 cartridges at CDB Warehouse today. Remember to sign up for an account and order your new EliteHEAT now!

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