Hemp CBD Product Types

Hemp Cannabidiol Categories

Are you aware of all the types of products infused with hemp CBD? Most people are familiar with hemp cannabidiol oil tincture and various types of lotions and balms, but there are a lot more categories of hemp products available. Ultimate CBD Warehouse has 13 different CBD product categories: Bath & Beauty, Beverages, Capsules, Concentrates, Edibles, Oil Tincture, Pet Treats, Pet Health,  Topicals, Vape Cartridges, Vape Oil, Powder Isolates, and Vape Battery Kits. So if you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD, you can choose from a large selection of products.

Hemp CBD products can be divided by those that you consume, those that you apply to your body, those that you inhale or vape, and accessories. The hemp CBD categories you consume include capsules, edibles, oil tinctures, oral sprays, and powder isolates. You apply bath and beauty products, and topicals. Finally, you inhale vape e-liquid and vape oil cartridges. Your pet generally consumes hemp CBD products. Hemp CBD topicals usually are not used for pets.

Hemp Products You Consume

The category with the most products is CBD Oil Tinctures. Not because there are a lot of different products, but instead a lot of variations of one product. You can purchase tinctures in a wide range of CBD concentrations per ounce of oil. What does that mean? One-ounce of hemp oil can contain as little as 100mg of CBD or as much as 2500mg or more of Cannabidiol. The concentration level is essential when deciding on which tincture you want to purchase. Lower concentration levels are for general wellness, where higher concentrations are for various ailments or severe conditions. Finally, the variety of flavors offered is immense. You can choose from traditional flavors like grape and orange to unique flavors like Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit or Vanilla Carmel Custard, to name a few.

Hemp CBD Edibles consist of a variety of products. The reason is CBD can be added or infused into any food. Imagine eating your favorite food and snacks, all the while getting your daily dosage of hemp Cannabidiol. The most common edible produced is the hemp CBD Gummie, whether that is gummy bears, rings, or dots. Hemp CBD Chocolate bars and protein bars are a favorite choice of some to receive the benefits of CBD. Are you looking for something different? Try CBD infused honey or CBD maple sugar cubes to sweeten your coffee in the morning.

Hemp Cannabidiol capsules are another popular type of CBD products. A reason for the popularity is you know exactly how much CBD you consume with each soft gel capsule. Also, hemp oil capsules are easy to carry, making consuming CBD on the go more convenient.

CBD Products You Apply

The bath and beauty category includes CBD bath bombs, handcrafted hemp CBD soaps, and a variety of hemp facial creams and cannabidiol body lotions. CBD soaps are a great way to wash away the days stress and get a refreshing night of sleep. You can soak your blues away in a soothing bath fizzing with quality hemp CBD bath bombs. Also, ease your aching muscles and enjoy a great night of sleep. These two types of products provide all over body relief were as the lotions give comfort to a specific area of the body. You rub the cream on the affected area of the body to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Some of the benefits of hemp Cannabidiol include pain relief, reduced inflammation, and swelling.

Hemp Cannabidiol topical category consists mainly of balms, lotions, and salves but also includes lip balm and transdermal patches as you can imagine topicals come in a wide range of Cannabidiol concentrations. The difference in topicals is the texture of the ointment, lotion, or salve. What do I mean? The texture can be a smooth, creamy lotion similar to facial creams or less creamy like a hand lotion. Also, the composition can be more of an ointment identical to ICY HOT Ointment or a traditional salve. Finally, you can choose from a variety of scents.

Cannabidiol Products You Inhale

Hemp CBD vape oil is similar to hemp CBD oil tinctures. Vape liquids come in a variety of flavors from Orange, Blueberry, and Grape to Kush, Red Devil, and Banana Split. Also, the concentration levels of hemp CBD vary from as little as 150mg of CBD per 30 milliliters of vape e-juice to as much as 1250mg of Cannabidiol. The variety of flavors and concentrations of hemp CBD is the same whether you purchase vape e-liquids or vape cartridges. An advantage of vaping hemp CBD oil is you feel the effects almost immediately as compared to waiting an hour or so with other types of products. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of CBD like reducing anxiety, stress, or pain instantly.

Hemp CBD Products For Pets

Hemp CBD pet products consist mainly of oil tinctures and soft chew treats. Pet oil tinctures come in a variety of flavors and concentration levels. Choose from tasty Wild Alaskan Salmon or BlueFin to Bacon, to name a few. You can add the tincture to your pet’s favorite food making it easier than squirting the oil into their mouth. Because hemp CBD can be infused into numerous types of food,  it’s easy to make pet treats containing Cannabidiol. Hemp CBD treats are a convenient way to provide the benefits of CBD to your pet when they need it. A common benefit is reducing anxiety from separation or loud noises. Also, reducing inflammation and pain is another benefit of using Cannabidiol for pets.

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