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CBD From Hemp Oil For Pets: What You Might Not Know

Researchers are doing ongoing studies with pets and CBD turning their attention to this herbal supplement. They are finding there is a lot of similarities of benefits just like with humans. Meaning CBD from hemp oil can benefit your pet in the same manner as it is for humans. All animals with a spine have an endocannabinoid system(ECS) like humans, which is why the CBD affects the pets in the same manner as humans.
These are the ten things you may not know about this misunderstood plant. Researchers are proving all the benefits that the cannabinoids can provide for your pet with a variety of health conditions. These are ten things.

1. Hemp CBD Oil Is Non-Psychoactive For Pets And Humans

CBD is a property found in cannabis and hemp. THC found in cannabis as well, giving the compound that gives marijuana it’s psychoactive properties. Most CBD oils are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) free, leaving the oil with only the beneficial properties of CBD without THC. Because of this, your pet will not get “high” from CBD products. Your pet will relax without intoxication.

2. Can CBD Fort Pets Reduce Anxiety In Your Pets?

In humans, some suffer anxiety and have found CBD is an excellent treatment for them. Researchers have found the many beneficial properties in CBD to aid in overcoming anxiety and stress in humans. So because we have the same ECS as our pets, if your pet has fear due to being left alone or due to flying, a few drops of CBD Tincture or a CBD snack may be the best alternative for your baby.

3. Can CBD Help Pets and Humans Fight Cancer?

Research shows that CBD oil and other natural properties in the hemp and cannabis plant have anti-tumor effects. They have found CBD to increase tumor cell death and decrease cancer cells from growing. CBD oil kills cancer cells by not allowing them to produce energy. The oil helps the immune system and kills cancer cells. CBD oil can help increase the efficacy of conventional cancer treatments. This oil also has anti-tumor properties that slow and inhibits glaucoma cell growth.

4. Can CBD Hemp Oil Help Manage Seizures And Epilepsy In Pets?

Researchers estimate that five percent of pets suffer from some seizures. Veterinarians usually have to give them phenobarbital and potassium bromide for these seizures. These medications can control the seizures, but they can be extremely dangerous to your pet’s liver and other major organs. And they don’t always work all the time.
In drug-resistant epilepsy, CBD has shown to work quite well in humans. One study had seven of the eight patients with drug-resistant epilepsy saw a definite improvement within four to five months. In another research, 84% of children with the same problem of drug-resistant epilepsy had a significant decrease in the frequency of seizure activity.

5. Can CBD Hemp Oil Relieve Pain In Pets?

Cannabinoids (CBD) have also been shown to work well, reducing pain and inflammation. Researchers have seen CBD work so well they consider this an all-natural new drug for a chronic illness or suffering from cancer treatments. Experiments and studies show CBD to be useful for reducing neuropathy and nerve pain. It has all the right properties for also decreasing inflammation as well as inflammation in acute pancreatitis. Also, CBD oil reduces the impact of inflammation on oxidative stress causing premature aging and degeneration. And lastly, reducing inflammation in the intestines caused by irritable bowel disease.

6. Can CBD Help Pets With Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Researchers have shown that CBD can prevent colitis(IBD). Restoring regular stomach activity in inflammatory bowel disease with the antibiotic properties of CBD in humans. So because our pets have the same ECS as we do, the answer is yes, of course, it will.

7. Will CBD for Pets Reduce Autoimmune Disease And Chronic Inflammation?

Cannabinoids have shown to decrease the release and production of inflammatory cytokines. These cause autoimmunity, allergies, and hypersensitivities.
CBD also reduces chronic inflammation and inhibits the making of inflammatory macrophages.
Researchers believe and have noticed that CBD is more of a powerful antioxidant than vitamin C or vitamin E.

8. Can CBD Protect The Nervous System And Be Beneficial With Neurodegenerative Diseases?

Cannabinoids show a lot of promise in relieving spine and nerve issues as well as Degenerative Myelopathy. It also has shown to help ALS patients as well as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Because of the ability to protect your brain cell’s from toxicity, In older pets, brain cell death is common. Toxins and radicals cause brain Cell Death. CBD can protect their brain from cell death.

9. Will CBD Increase Appetite And Helps With Nausea?

National Cancer Institute has studied pets appetites on CBD and has seen that CBD does help with nausea and increases your pet’s appetite. Even if your pet has vomiting from toxins or other drugs, CBD will help them to develop their desire to eat.

10. CBD Promotes Cardiovascular Health

A veterinarian discovered, CBD has been beneficial for heart health. Those studies show it can reduce the damage from damaged blood vessels and an irregular heartbeat. The cannabinoids also dilate the arteries protecting blood vessels from damage. CBD can also lower blood pressure due to stress and anxiety, as well as reduces your heart rate.

With all the research and studies showing all the unique benefits of CBD, the most valuable result is that even taking in high doses. Over an extended period, it decreases the activity of liver enzymes that metabolize many prescribed medicines.
So if your pet is on prescription medication, contact your veterinarian before using CBD.

CBD Oil for our furry friends comes from all-natural hemp, so it contains very small or no traces of THC. Because hemp is now legal in all fifty states, we can have this unique product sent to us anywhere in the U.S. So we hope this article can help you determine if CBD is right for your pet. With all the beneficial properties of CBD and the ECS, we feel good about recommending CBD oil for yourself or your pets. More and more pet owners are experiencing incredible results from this all-natural herb that has been misunderstood and misrepresented over the years.

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