What is the Absorption Rate of CBD?

 Absorption Rate of CBD by Method

It is not an easy job to understand the bioavailability of CBD oil. But understanding the many forms of CBD products and its pattern of consumption, CBD’s absorption rates, and its after use effects are pivotal. There is a comprehensive continuum of factors that influence the bioavailability of cannabinoids. One is how the body receptors CB1 and CB2 interact with and other receptors like serotonin and vanilloid. These receptors affect your nervous system and brain to enable healing, also balancing effects, which includes the methods in which CBD gets consumed.

What Does “Bioavailability” Mean?

In regards to CBD, bioavailability is the rate CBD (when entered into the body) is absorbed into the bloodstream, sequentially leading to an active effect. CBD, which is not psychoactive, is a cannabinoid present in the hemp plant and comes in many forms such as e-liquid, vape, capsules, balms, and tinctures (drops), and many more. Every cannabinoid product comes in various concentrations of CBD and forms in which you can get your dose, which makes it evident that the absorption rate of CBD per hemp product differs from one type to another.

CBD Oil Tinctures (Dropper) and CBD Capsules

Commonly, capsules and tinctures are assumed to easily reach the endocannabinoid system, increasing the digestive system’s chances of absorbing the CBD. On the other hand, a mass majority of clinical researchers disagree. They say that not all CBD reaches your endocannabinoid system. Many researchers agree that only a percentage of the CBD consumed passes into and through the bloodstream.

On the other hand, if you measure your dose well, tinctures (droppers) can definitely help meet therapeutic targets. Note that CBD capsules take the longest time to completely travel your digestive system, which may sign they don’t get you the full benefits CBD has to offer. Tinctures (droppers), however, absorb quickly when the oil is placed under the tongue and left to absorb for 1-2 minutes. Don’t swallow tinctures straight as it is less effective and will have the same effect as a capsule.

Vaping/Inhaling CBD

Vaping or inhaling CBD is probably the most prevalent method of use around the world. People believe it to have the fastest absorption rate and get more CBD into your bloodstream. Many people that suffer from migraines report that vaping CBD has been entirely curative. The CBD will pass through your lungs into the bloodstream. It’s that simple. This information gives way for the brain to easily be reached by CBD, giving you relief from migraines.

CBD Balm/Salve

When applying CBD Balm (Salve) topically, CBD never actually reaches the bloodstream directly. Instead, the CBD gets absorbed by the skin’s surface, which circumlocutorily interacts with nearby cannabinoid receptors. CBD balms/salves are tremendous if you have a specific area you are targeting and those that suffer from chronic pain and inflammation, such as arthritis.

Brass Tax

This information is indicative that the bioavailability, CBD quality, and absorption are all factors to keep in mind before purchasing a CBD product. The quickest absorption rate comes from CBD tinctures (drops) and vaping. Stay tuned to learn more about CBD products and how to administer them.

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