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Where Can I buy CBN Oil?

Where Can I buy CBN Oil?

More and more people are using CBN oil, but where can you buy some for yourself? This guide explains where you can buy CBN oil.

It can be hard to keep up with the alphabet soup of cannabinoids.

You’ve got THC, CBD, CBG, and the latest – CBN. And those are just what we know so far. Scientists say there are over one hundred cannabinoids in the hemp plant, possibly even more.

We’re here to help break it all down for you.

You can check out our blog for articles about CBD. This article will focus on CBN oil. A minor cannabinoid that may pack a potent punch.

What Is CBN Oil?

CBN is shorthand for Cannabinol. It’s one of those cannabinoids we mentioned. Cannabinoids are elements of the hemp/cannabis plant that have therapeutic effects.

CBN was actually the first cannabinoid to be isolated, way back in the 1800s. At first, scientists thought CBN was behind the psychoactive effect of the plant. Down the road, they realized that wasn’t exactly the case.

CBN is unique from other cannabinoids in a few ways. First, it isn’t actually its own thing. And second, CBN levels are influenced by environmental rather than genetic factors.

CBN is not a standalone cannabinoid. It’s a byproduct of the degradation of THC. THC, as you might know, is the psychoactive component of hemp. As the THC degrades due to heat, light exposure, or age, it turns into CBN.

Because CBN is derived from THC, it is mildly psychoactive. Really mild, only one-fourth of the THC’s strength. Which means you won’t feel high from CBN.

CBN oil is a concentrated form of the cannabinoid in a carrier oil that is easy to ingest and digest.

How Does CBN Work?

CBN works the same way other cannabinoids, like THC, CBD, and CBG, work. Through interaction with chemical receptors scattered throughout the body.

The two main chemical receptors are known as CB1 and CB2. It’s these receptor sites that form the Endocannabinoid System (ECS for short).

Many people don’t know this, but all vertebrates, and some invertebrates, have an ECS. This system regulates many bodily functions that are required for excellent health.

CB1 receptors are most concentrated in the brain and nervous system. The CB2 receptors are mostly concentrated in the immune system.

CBN, and other cannabinoids, interact with both types of receptors. This interaction helps regulate many functions. Including but not limited to pain, appetite, hormones, inflammation, and blood pressure.

It is this relationship that gives cannabinoids their healing properties. Taking them through an external source can help bring balance to an over-worked ECS.

Purported Benefits of CBN

Like its cannabinoid brethren, CBN has many promising health benefits. It should be noted that CBN has not been as researched as other compounds. However, the early studies are quite promising.

CBN May Be Antibacterial

Studies published in Advances in Pharmacology show promise in using CBN to treat antibiotic-resistant strains of MRSA (also known as staph infection).

The studies have a small sample size, but the CBN worked well in place of traditional treatments in those patients.  More research in this vein will likely be done as so-called ‘superbugs,’ bacteria or fungus resistant to antibiotics, become more prevalent.

CBN May Be Anti-inflammatory

Additional research suggests that CBN may be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Inflammation is at the root of nearly 90% of western ailments. So addressing inflammation can help people suffering from a variety of age or stress-related health problems.

Other studies have shown CBN has promise in treating allergy-related inflammation and even collagen-induced arthritis.

CBN Works as a Sleep Aid

Sleep disorders are increasingly common in the developed world. In fact, millions of Americans report using medical hemp/cannabis for this very reason.

THC is well-well known for its sedative properties, and some of those traits do get passed on to CBN. However, when the cannabinoids work together, called the entourage effect, the results are even more dramatic.

But don’t worry if you aren’t interested in the THC part of things. You can still get these benefits without it!

Studies show that isolated CBN can be just as effective in addressing sleep disorders, perhaps even more so.

CBN Can Help Manage Pain

Worldwide, millions of adults live with some level of chronic pain. This pain is often the number one reason people turn to hemp. This makes sense; hemp is a non-habit forming alternative to other pain medications.

Cannabinoids like CBN work directly with our bodies’ own endocannabinoid system. That’s right; our bodies have a built-in system that creates cannabinoids!

They influence a ton of processes in the body. Specifically, they help to manage pain by influencing neurons that are responsible for pain perception and signaling.

CBN May Be Good for Brain Health

In the same way CBN communicates with pain neurons, it may also serve as a neuroprotectant for other brain regions.

Studies have shown CBN may help delay or curb entirely neurological conditions like ALS, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.

In those studies, CBN is paired with THC to harness that entourage effect. It was shown to help reduce oxidative damage, protect from loss of energy, and target inflammation in the brain.

CBN Can Stimulate Appetite

Anyone who has experience with cannabis/hemp knows about the munchies! This appetite stimulation is another huge reason people are turning to hemp medicines.

A study published in the Psychopharmacology journal showed that when CBN was given to patients undergoing chemotherapy, it sped up their desire to eat. Further, it led to an increase in overall food intake!

Studies like this suggest that CBN may be a great non-psychoactive alternative to THC for cancer patients who struggle to get the calories they need to heal.

The science for all these claims is still very new. But the research is ongoing and very promising.

Sounds Great, Any Downsides?

The great news is most people should be able to enjoy CBN oil without worry.

There are no known contraindications so far. However, some say that it’s good to avoid mixing hemp medicines with any prescriptions that have a grapefruit warning attached to them.

These medications may not interact well with CBD. Because the science on CBN is so new, we can’t say if the same is true for it. Either way, the research suggests that enormous amounts of cannabinoids would need to be used for any adverse effects.

If you have several prescriptions, best use an abundance of caution and discuss adding any new medicines with your primary care doctor.


On paper, CBN looks similar enough to CBD, but there are significant distinctions. Though they come from the same plant, they are fundamentally two different molecules with totally different origins.

CBD is an actual standalone cannabinoid. It’s found in abundance in certain strains. And as it grows in popularity, many strains are being manipulated to have even higher concentrations.

Whereas CBN is a byproduct of the breakdown of THC. If CBN is present in high quantities, it’s because the plant is more mature and/or was exposed to heat and light. It also means that the plant has lower THC content.

For some people, that’s a downer. But for those looking for the more therapeutic effects, it’s a win.

Despite these differences, CBD and CBN do share some common ground. For example, both cannabinoids are non-psychoactive.

Additionally, they both share similar medicinal effects. Stimulating appetite, addressing inflammation, and offering antibacterial properties.

Where Can I Buy CBN Oil?

Look no further! At CBD warehouse, we offer a great assortment of high-quality CBD/CBN products.

Like our Indica wax cartridge.

Indica strains are notorious for their relaxed vibes. This blend offers a 2:1 ratio of CBD to CBN. One pull, and you will feel noticeably more relaxed.

Or, if you want something that won’t make you too relaxed, try our hybrid variety.

It still offers a 2:1 ratio of CBD to CBN, but it’s not an Indica strain exclusively. Hybrids combine the best of Indica (sleepy time) and Sativa (active time) for a well-balanced relaxed feeling.

And those are just two of our many products. Our selection is carefully curated and includes almost everything you could think of.

Lotions, tinctures, wax cartridges, candies, capsules, you name it, we’ve probably got it. We even have treats for your animal friends.

That’s A Wrap

We hope that this article gave you a good, solid foundation in understanding CBN oil. If you want to learn more, please feel free to go check out our blog. There you’ll find additional articles about the benefits of other cannabinoids, like CBD.

The gist is CBN seems to have potential applications for a wide range of conditions. Conditions that afflict many people every day. Although more research is needed, the results are promising enough that many people are turning to hemp products to help themselves.

And you can too!

That’s where we come in. You can count on CBD Warehouse to deliver high-quality products on the cutting edge of cannabinoid science.

If you have questions about any of our goods or us, please reach out! Our team is standing by, ready to help you feel better today.

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