CBD Vape Cartridge

CBD Vape Cartridges are an excellent way to get your daily dose of CBD(cannabinoids). While CBD is growing in popularity, so is the way we consume it. Researchers are discovering more hemp benefits daily.

Vaping with CBD Vape Cartridges

Vape Cartridges with CBD are for fast, immediate pain relief. If this is what you’re looking for, then these cartridges are meant for you. CBD vaping has a much quicker absorption rate. Because of this, people usually prefer this over edibles or tinctures. The rapidness is because the CBD reaches your bloodstream through the lungs rather than the digestive system. With vaping, the beneficial effects are noticeable immediately or within 90 seconds of the first draw. People who suffer short term stress, pain, and inflammation as well as anxiety are more favorable towards the cartridges.
Using vape cartridges seems to have higher bioavailability when compared to other methods of consumption, which means more of the properties are absorbing into the body.

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There are a lot of CBD products that are pre-measured doses, such as capsules or edibles. That is why we feel this is a beneficial way to receive your dosage. Cartridges or vape pods are available in various strengths of CBD. Usually, you can purchase 250-1500 mg of CBD. If you are a beginner and need a mild effect, you might want to start with a lower dosage. For those who are avid CBD users, we suggest starting with a much higher dosage or concentration. For those with moderate or severe pain, we recommend a more potent concentration cartridge,

Vaping CBD Is Relaxing

Many people consume CBD purely for the relaxation benefits. One could argue that vaping is perhaps the most relaxing way to take CBD, as it produces soft, pleasant clouds that gently seep into your breath and lungs to promote calmness. CBD vape oil is often enhanced with delicious flavors, making the taste and smell very enjoyable.

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