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$9.99 $7.99

Looking for a discrete and tasty way to consume hemp CBD? Try Earth E CBD infused candy. Enjoy tasty CBD Hard Candy in multiple flavors. CBD Candy is easily portable, allowing you to consume your CBD anywhere discretely.

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Earth E CBD Candy

Looking for a discrete and tasty way to consume hemp CBD? Try Earth E CBD infused candy. Enjoy tasty CBD Hard Candy in multiple flavors that are easily portable, providing a discrete way of consuming CBD.

Earth E CBD Infused Candy at a glance:

  • Flavors: Green Apple, Watermelon, Lemon
  • Product Type: CBD Edible
  • Size: 8 pieces per package
  • CBD Content: 25 mg per candy totaling 200 mg of CBD
  • Legal in All 50 States

Organic CBD Hard Candy

  • Hard candies infused with CBD
  • Available in green apple, lemon, or watermelon flavors
  • 8 pieces per bag
  • 25 mg of CBD per piece
  • 200 mg of CBD per bag

There are many different ways to take CBD, but one of the simplest is to pop a CBD hard candy into your mouth. A CBD candy not only offers all of the benefits of CBD oil, but it is convenient and tastes great. Earth E CBD candies come in three delicious flavors, so you can pick your favorite or select whatever suits you at the time. The candies are easy to carry and are more discreet than other CBD forms, and they can be taken with or without food.

Delicious Flavors to Choose From

CBD extracts often have a strong, earthy flavor that some people may find unpleasant. With CBD candy, however, this isn’t an issue. This particular CBD infused candy comes in lemon, green apple, and watermelon flavor. The sweet, tasty flavors completely mask any unpleasant hemp tastes. The candies not only offer a wide range of benefits, but they’re also delicious, so they’re truly a treat.

An Effect That Lasts

When you take a CBD extract, the effects can sometimes come on quickly but fade away just as fast. This isn’t the case with CBD hard candy. Because it may take some time for the candy to melt, the absorption process is somewhat slower than with other CBD extracts. However, this is to your benefit because CBD candy effects tend to last for much longer. In general, CBD candy effects last for anywhere between two and four hours. You can take one with breakfast, and it should still be working at lunchtime.

In addition to long-lasting effects, this particular blend of CBD extract contains terpenes. Terpenes are compounds created naturally by the hemp plant. Terpenes can also be found naturally in some foods, so when you take a CBD candy along with a meal, the different terpenes work together efficiently. Terpenes can create a sort of calming effect, relieving stress and anxiety or easing depression. These compounds might also help elevate your mood, giving you a boost when you need it the most. In addition, some terpenes help to provide pain relief.

Easy to Take

Taking CBD extracts can sometimes be tricky. Deciding what dose is correct when it comes to CBD oil is often a guessing game. With CBD infused candy, however, all of the guesswork is removed. These candies have been precisely measured, and each candy contains a 25 mg dose of CBD. If you feel that you need a smaller dose, you can split the candy into two using a knife or pill cutter, and you’ll still know exactly how much you’re taking.

Besides, these candies are discreet, making them much easier to take than other forms of CBD. You can keep the bag in your purse or pocket, or keep an individual candy in your wallet, and take it without any fuss.

A Range of Uses

  • ease anxiety
  • Reduce depression
  • Soothe stomach ailments
  • Reduce pain

CBD extract can be used to help several different issues, and these candies are no exception. When taken with a meal, these candies can elevate your mood, reduce stress, and alleviate anxiety. They may even make the meal taste better. Also, the CBD extract and terpenes work together to alleviate stomach issues and soothe indigestion.

CBD extract and terpenes are also excellent pain relievers. If you suffer from chronic pain or migraines, these small candies may help to alleviate or reduce some of your symptoms.

Safe and Legal

CBD extract, when extracted from industrial hemp plants, is legal by both federal and state laws and has been approved by the government for both medicinal and recreational use. This means you won’t need to worry about any legal implications when taking these candies but can enjoy their benefits.

Besides, these candies won’t get you high. CBD extract contains very minimal THC amounts, the compound that creates that high, to begin with, and our CBD oil contains no THC whatsoever. You won’t experience any of the effects that traditional marijuana incurs but will only enjoy the CBD’s pleasant effects.

These candies are also free of dairy, gluten, and artificial colors. They’re healthy and can be eaten with nearly any diet. The ingredients are organic, and the production process ensures that these candies are as safe and healthy as possible. Users are satisfied with their candies, and there have been no reports of any side-effects. These candies and their ingredients won’t change how your body functions.

Our Promise to You

Earth E CBD is designed to be safe and healthy. We take great care using the best organic ingredients, and we don’t include any unnecessary additives. Our CBD extract contains no THC and is legally sourced in an environmentally-friendly way, so you won’t experience any highs but can simply enjoy the benefits of the hemp extract.

We believe in CBD’s power and its effects when it comes to soothing pain, easing anxiety, treating diseases, and promoting better overall well-being. We use our knowledge and skills about CBD to create a product that’s easy to use, delicious and offers great benefits. We are always eager to improve and strive to keep up the highest standards for manufacturing and presenting our products.


Earth E CBD Products

Purchase quality CBD gummies, cbd Juul pods, cbd vape oil, capsules, hemp CBD oil tincture, and pet treats from Earth E CBD near me.We are trusted by medical practitioners, holistic health specialists, and health-conscious people. The reason is that we use the purest ingredients and quality organic hemp grown under strict growing standards. So individuals can benefit from herbal treatments to relieve their ailments and improve their health conditions.Our quality products come from our dedicated staff. Our staff has over 20 years of experience as a food science chemist. Earth E CBD has a 3rd party lab test every batch produced to guarantee the products provided to organic herbal medicine consumers are safe, effective, and inexpensive.Earth E CBD manufactures tasty CBD gummies, tinctures, cbd edibles. You can purchase these in various strengths and amounts. This type of hemp product provides the entire body the benefit of CBD. It generally takes about 60 minutes to feel the effects desired.Also produced are various topical lotions and salves in a variety of mg amounts. This type of hemp product provides the benefits of CBD to a specific area of the body. The CBD creams are meant to be rubbed into the affected area of the body and not intended to be ingested. It generally takes about 30 minutes to feel the effects of CBD.Earth E CBD also makes the best cbd vape juice in a variety of flavors. Enjoy the choice of using the Juul CBD hemp compatible pods or traditional cbd e juice. Select from tasty flavors; Grape, Orange, Blueberry, and more. Multiple strengths; 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg bottles.Earth E CBD Products Certificates of AnalysisEarth E CBD All Natural Ceretificate, benefits of CBD Earth E CBD Gluten Free certificate, cbd pain relief for dogs Earth E CBD Lab Tested certificate, cbd gummes, cbd vape oil Earth E CBD Non GMO Certificate, cbd near me Earth E CBD Organic certificate, cbd vape juice
Earth E CBD, CBD gummies, cbd vape oil

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