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Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juice all-natural full flavor E-Liquids are a great way to get fast relief from a wide range of symptoms. Our CBD Vape liquid comes in a variety of flavors.



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Blue Moon Hemp CBD E-Liquid Mango Moon 125-1000mg

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juice Mango Moon is an all-natural full flavor E-Liquids are a great way to get fast relief from a wide range of symptoms. This CBD Vape E-liquid comes in a variety of flavors and potency. Treat yourself to a beautiful summer day with the smooth, tasty flavor of ripe mango. Enjoy the many benefits that this E-Liquid with CBD can give you. Experience the juicy mango flavor. The sweet, taste of Blue Moon Hemps CBD E-Liquid Mango Moon will leave you feeling vibrant and refreshed.

Hemp Mango Moon E-Liquid Features at a Glance:

  • Product Type: Vape E-Liquid
  • Flavors: Mango Moon
  • Type: Vape E-Liquid, Vape Oil, Vape E-Juice
  • Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp CBD, NO THC, Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, CBD, and all-natural flavors
  • Size: 30 ml bottle
  • CBD Content: 125 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, or 1000 mg
  • Uses: Commonly used to treat heart health, insomnia, anxiety, and stress to name a few
  • Legal in All 50 States

Vape CBD Juices is a “whole-plant” extract that allows for overall 60 Cannabinoids and over 400 Phytonutrients combined to provide maximum effect for your body. CBD E-Liquid Mango Moon provides the fast effect of the CBD. Because it is a vape product, you will feel the effects within as little as 90 seconds.

Enjoy the benefits of an all-natural hemp product. Blue Moon Hemp E-liquid Mango Moon comes in their signature cobalt blue glass dropper bottles. Blue Moon Hemp products made in the USA. We put quality first, so therefore we thoroughly test each product. CBD Vape benefits may help you sleep better because it eases conditions to restlessness like pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

Sit back and enjoy your CBD fix. It comes in six different flavors, four different levels of CBD content.

We hope you enjoy all the new products and thank you all for your support. We hope you continue to shop at Ultimate CBD Warehouse for all of our unique products.


Blue Moon Hemp

Are you looking for quality pet cbd?  How about CBD pain relief balm? Are you interested in cbd vape juice or cbd gummies? Do you want American made products? Look no further! Blue Moon Hemp Cannabidiol products will take care of you!

CBD Vape Juice

We produce quality cbd vape oil in multiple flavors and strengths. Enjoy the smooth tasting Flan (Vanilla and Carmel); Red Devil consists of nine tropical fruits and berries or Mango Moon. Three traditional tasty flavors of Kush or Pure (cannabis Sativa). Finally, Blue Moon Hemp's take on breakfast cereal. BlackKat, a combination of  Lucky Charms with a touch of marshmallow and cinnamon. In addition to carrying hemp vape oil, we also have a line of CBD shatter.

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Try Blue Moon Hemp CBD pain relief balms and salves! Enjoy pleasant scents of Eucalyptus, Limonene, or Natural cbd lotion. Purchase quality hemp salve in various strengths.

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Blue Moon Hemp uses sustainable farming methods with all-natural fertilizers to grow their single strain of hemp.  We use Critical CO2 to extract the CBD, which means no butane, hexane, or other harmful chemicals. Also,  We spin the THC out of the hemp oil to a triple zero, non-detectable level. This results in a purity level testing at 99.7% pure CBD. So you shouldn't fail a drug test or get high regardless of the amounts consumed. Blue Moon Hemp infuses its products at their manufacturing plant in Baca Raton, Florida. Done with care to ensure Blue Moon Hemp provides the highest purity, quality, and tasty CBD products on the market. Blue Moon Hemp Featured In
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Quarter Moon 125 mg, Half Moon 250 mg, Three Quarter Moon 500 mg, Total Eclipse 1000mg

6 reviews for CBD E-Liquid Mango Moon | Blue Moon Hemp ON SALE NOW!

  1. Angela Ayers (verified customer)

    My favorite i love the black kat smell and flavor. It helps with my joint pain and it helps with relaxation.

  2. Hakim DeFils (verified customer)

    The flavor is on point and I love that it is thc free, keep up the great work

  3. Alberto Colon (verified customer)

    The flavor is delicious and 100 percent put me in a better mood. Also, I have extreme back pain and I feel amazing

  4. philipchavez42 (verified customer)

    now this more of a preference on taste it still did job helping me with pain and other issues……the taste just reminds of cough medicine and that im not big fan of…..

  5. Georgia Blanchard (verified customer)

    Red Devil is super sweet. I personally like to mix it with Black Kat. But overall, Blue Moon is absolutely the best, and I’ve been vaping cbd for 5 years now and I’ve tried numerous brands. I’m a loyal Blue Moon customer now.

  6. Shayne (verified customer)

    It is a very good CBD oil to use especially for first time CBD oil users looking to start trying and using them.

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