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Active CBD is one of the best on the market today. All of their product has a unique formulation with only organic ingredients and have a full-spectrum of cannabinoids.


Active CBD Oil , cbd for dogs. cbd for anxiety


Active CBD Oil Gold Label Capsules

CBD Capsules – Gold Label is one of the easiest ways to get a full spectrum of CBD into your system. You can now rest easy knowing that you are getting the exact serving each time you take a capsule, so you get the exact amount you need.

CBD Capsules – Gold Label | Active CBD Features at a Glance:

  • Flavors: N/A
  • Product Type: Hemp CBD Capsule
  • Size: 30 Capsules – 750 mg / 60 Capsules – 1,500 mg
  • Ingredients: Medium Chain Triglycerides, Fatty Acids, Natural Flavors, Mono-and-Diglycerides, Vitamin D Dimer Derivative, and CO2 Extracted and Decarboxylated
  • Uses: Commonly used to treat chronic pain, insomnia, digestive inflammation, to name a few
  • Legal in All 50 States

CBD Capsules

CBD oils- CBD oil will have varying percentages as well as other cannabinoids, lipids, terpenes, vitamins, and minerals. Regardless of the type of oil used, it will generally do relatively close to the same thing so long as your getting the same amount of mg of CBD per capsule. Generally, CBD oil-based capsules will be a mixture with a base like MCT oil.
An excellent example of these two types of CBD oil capsules is the Active CBD oil MCT infused pills and the Active CBD oil “Gold” capsules. The “Gold” line 25mg capsules are a powder base, whereas the Active MCT oil infused capsules are an oil base.

Active CBD is one of the best on the market today. All of their product has a unique formulation with only organic ingredients and have a full-spectrum of cannabinoids. If you have some inflammation of the digestive tract, this product is right for you as Active CBD Oil’s rapid absorption.


For those beginners just starting with your CBD, there is an initial recommended dose of one capsule per day. If you are not getting the benefits, you desire slowly increase the dosage not to exceed five tablets a day.



Active CBD Oil

Are you looking for CBD near me? How about CBD for dogs or yourself?  Want to try CBD for anxiety, stress, or insomnia? Are you looking for alternative pain relief compared to traditional pain management? Look no further! Active CBD Oil is a trusted brand and has a large selection of quality hemp products! Check out our THC FREE broad-spectrum tinctures. More importantly, we carry a water-soluble tincture. Choose from various flavors and strengths. Are you worried about taking to much Cannabidiol at one time? Do you want to know precisely how much hemp extract you consume? Try Active CBD Oil gold label capsules or sour gummies. Each piece has the same amount of CBD. Don't forget about CBD for dogs. Want to relieve your pet's stress, anxiety, or pain? Try our chicken or bacon-flavored pet tinctures. Another option is our gluten and soy-free dog biscuits. Want quality cannabidiol concentrates? Purchase our 98% pure CBG isolate powder or 99% pure CBD powder isolate. Finally, enjoy the flavor of CBD shatters mixed with terpenes. Check out Active CBD Oil topicals line. Try our nongreasy hemp salve infused with Arnica & Calendula extracts. Enjoy menthol or citrus lavender hemp CBD lotion. Also, you can use our roll-on applicator to apply hemp oil infused with organic peppermint. Moisturize and protect your lips with our lip balm! Use our bath bombs to soak away your stress and anxiety. A third party lab tests all products. Certificate of Analysis is done to ensure quality and potency. Remember, Active CBD Oil products are an excellent choice when you want  CBD for Anxiety or cbd for dogs. Active CBD Oil water soluble symbol
Active CBD Oil , cbd for dogs. cbd for anxiety

3 reviews for CBD Capsules – Gold Label | Active CBD

  1. Sara M.

    Helpful for my chronic pain
    I take these 3 times a day to supplement traditional treatments that aren’t working so well. I only wish doctors could prescribe something like this so insurance would cover it! It is a huge expense but 100% worth it. Highly recommend.

  2. Victor N.

    Daily evening capsule offers consistent results
    We take one 25mg capsule after dinner (between 5 and 6 pm) each day. By 8pm we feel the gentle effects that ease aches and pains, and calmness leading to bedtime. Staff is always helpful, courteous, and will assist with your questions and needs. Highly recommended.

  3. Joyce C.

    Love these CBD Capsules. Really helps with the pain in my knee

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