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Active CBD Oil Tinctures are an incredible breakthrough in the way you take CBD. These tinctures are using a unique water-soluble CBD, which increases the body’s absorption of CBD considerably.


Active CBD Oil , cbd for dogs. cbd for anxiety


Water-Soluble Active CBD Oil Tincture

Active Water Soluble CBD Oil Tincture is multi-flavored to mask the earthy, natural taste of hemp. This product comes in either a 1 oz bottle with 120 mg of CBD or a 1 oz Extra Strength bottle that contains 300 mg of CBD.

 Active CBD Oil Tincture 120-300mg Features at a Glance:

  • Flavors: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Berry, and Natural
  • Product Type: Tincture
  • Size(s): 1 oz – 120 mg / Extra Strength 1 oz – 300 mg
  • Ingredients: Full-Spectrum Cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBDA), No Fillers, Solvents, Preservatives, Additives, Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, ACTIVE CBD OIL™ Gold Formula, and Natural Flavors.
  • Uses: Commonly used to treat symptoms from cancer or cancer treatment, glaucoma, anxiety, are just a few
  • Legal in all 50 states

What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has been enjoying increasing amounts of attention as we learn more about its endless possibilities. With so many articles and research studies about CBD, you might think that this consumable is a recent discovery. Many of the CBD extraction and packaging methods indeed use the best and newest technologies. However, we do know the use of CBD hemp oil

Active CBD Oil Tinctures are an incredible breakthrough in the way you take water-soluble CBD Oil. These tinctures are using a unique water-soluble CBD,  which increases the body’s absorption of the cannabidiol considerably.

This water soluble CBD oil brand upped the mg’s of CBD in the extra strength to bring you one of the best tasting, most bioavailable, and most potent tinctures on the market. Active CBD offers only the highest quality organic ingredients in their products, so rest easy knowing you’re getting only the best!

We suggest experimenting with CBD, whether water-soluble or what you decide to try. We recommend this because we want you to find the correct amount and product that keeps you balanced — Shop for excellent CBD Products.

So sit back and enjoy these products and come back and shop for all your CBD needs at Thank-You for shopping with us.


Active CBD Oil

Are you looking for CBD near me? How about CBD for dogs or yourself?  Want to try CBD for anxiety, stress, or insomnia? Are you looking for alternative pain relief compared to traditional pain management? Look no further! Active CBD Oil is a trusted brand and has a large selection of quality hemp products! Check out our THC FREE broad-spectrum tinctures. More importantly, we carry a water-soluble tincture. Choose from various flavors and strengths. Are you worried about taking to much Cannabidiol at one time? Do you want to know precisely how much hemp extract you consume? Try Active CBD Oil gold label capsules or sour gummies. Each piece has the same amount of CBD. Don't forget about CBD for dogs. Want to relieve your pet's stress, anxiety, or pain? Try our chicken or bacon-flavored pet tinctures. Another option is our gluten and soy-free dog biscuits. Want quality cannabidiol concentrates? Purchase our 98% pure CBG isolate powder or 99% pure CBD powder isolate. Finally, enjoy the flavor of CBD shatters mixed with terpenes. Check out Active CBD Oil topicals line. Try our nongreasy hemp salve infused with Arnica & Calendula extracts. Enjoy menthol or citrus lavender hemp CBD lotion. Also, you can use our roll-on applicator to apply hemp oil infused with organic peppermint. Moisturize and protect your lips with our lip balm! Use our bath bombs to soak away your stress and anxiety. A third party lab tests all products. Certificate of Analysis is done to ensure quality and potency. Remember, Active CBD Oil products are an excellent choice when you want  CBD for Anxiety or cbd for dogs. Active CBD Oil water soluble symbol
Active CBD Oil , cbd for dogs. cbd for anxiety

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  1. gabriel merkow

    Great product
    I really believe this product is working. Will continue to use it

  2. Glenna L.

    Love CBD
    I love this product. It relieves my chronic pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I have been using it since May 2019 and so glad I found this product while were on vacation in Colorado Springs. I recommend this product to all my friends that are having difficulties with health issues.

  3. Brittany L.

    Good product !
    I feel as if this product has made a difference with my overall stress as well as calmed some of my GI issues. I would recommend this product.

  4. Elaine W.

    Believer Excellent
    My aches and pains went away for the majority of the day
    Very pleased

  5. Lost P.

    Really helps with the fibromyalgia. Highly recommend this!

  6. Jordan H.

    Great Product
    Our dog is a changed woman! This stuff is incredible!

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