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Balance your ECS (endocannabinoid system) with Blue Moon Hemp. And don’t forget that Ultimate CBD Warehouse is your one-stop online shopping CBD store, specializing in CBD oil.



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CBD Shatter by Blue Moon Hemp

Most shatter on the market ranges in purity anywhere from merely 45% – 75%. Their CBD Shatter’s proprietary technology allows them to purify the CBD, because of this, making it nearly flawless. Blue Moon Hemp Shatter is the purest on the market, clocking in at 99.6% purity!

Blue Moon Hemp Shatters | Features at a Glance:

  • Flavors: Blueberry OG, Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, Sativa AK47
  • Product Type: CBD Shatters
  • Size: 0.5 gram or 1 gram container
  • Ingredients: 99.6 % Pure CBD and terpenes
  • Uses: Commonly used to inhibit cancer cell growth and symptoms associated with cancer
  • Legal in All 50 States

CBD hemp oil is made from high-quality cannabinoid hemp, not like marijuana products. Usually made from plants with the psychoactive properties of THC. Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of over eighty-five cannabinoids, presently identified in the cannabis plant. Making this the second most abundant cannabinoid in the marijuana plant, after THC. Hemp, there are no THC properties, so, therefore, CBD can react with our systems but do not become intoxicating. It doesn’t cause a high. Because of this, it makes it a safer and nonintoxicating natural pain reliever, while still offering significant benefits for the user.

Balance your ECS (endocannabinoid system) with Blue Moon Hemp. And don’t forget that Ultimate CBD Warehouse is your one-stop online shopping CBD store, specializing in CBD oil.

Blue Moon Hemp produce their quality shatter from organically grown hemp in Kentucky. Rest easy (literally and figuratively), knowing you’re getting the purest CBD on the market when you purchase a Blue Moon Hemp product.

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Blue Moon Hemp

Are you looking for quality pet cbd?  How about CBD pain relief balm? Are you interested in cbd vape juice or cbd gummies? Do you want American made products? Look no further! Blue Moon Hemp Cannabidiol products will take care of you!

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We produce quality cbd vape oil in multiple flavors and strengths. Enjoy the smooth tasting Flan (Vanilla and Carmel); Red Devil consists of nine tropical fruits and berries or Mango Moon. Three traditional tasty flavors of Kush or Pure (cannabis Sativa). Finally, Blue Moon Hemp's take on breakfast cereal. BlackKat, a combination of  Lucky Charms with a touch of marshmallow and cinnamon. In addition to carrying hemp vape oil, we also have a line of CBD shatter.

Hemp CBD Topicals

Try Blue Moon Hemp CBD pain relief balms and salves! Enjoy pleasant scents of Eucalyptus, Limonene, or Natural cbd lotion. Purchase quality hemp salve in various strengths.

CBD Edibles

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Blue Moon Hemp uses sustainable farming methods with all-natural fertilizers to grow their single strain of hemp.  We use Critical CO2 to extract the CBD, which means no butane, hexane, or other harmful chemicals. Also,  We spin the THC out of the hemp oil to a triple zero, non-detectable level. This results in a purity level testing at 99.7% pure CBD. So you shouldn't fail a drug test or get high regardless of the amounts consumed. Blue Moon Hemp infuses its products at their manufacturing plant in Baca Raton, Florida. Done with care to ensure Blue Moon Hemp provides the highest purity, quality, and tasty CBD products on the market. Blue Moon Hemp Featured In
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1 review for CBD Shatter Multi-flavor By Blue Moon Hemp ON SALE NOW!

  1. Chiefsson (verified customer)

    I’ve been using this CBD shatter for the past 6 months. Sleeping much better; as in falling asleep faster and staying asleep for a full 6-8 hours. I used to take 12.5 Ambien CR every night till the pharmacy cut me off. A side benefit is I’m remembering my dreams again. My wife tells me it’s because I’m going into a “deeper” REM sleep. Whatever it is, I would recommend the product. The AK47 – Sativa flavor tastes like the real deal minus the THC high. Well done Blue Moon! Well done indeed!

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