Elixinol CBD Hemp Balm


This naturally soothing balm and natural moisturizer are superior for the health of the skin. Elixinol’s custom made blend includes: Virgin Andiroba Oil, Pure Ucuuba Butter, Blue Mallee Eucalyptus, and phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil.


Elixinol, pain relief for dogs, cbd pain relief


CBD Hemp Balm by Elixinol

Elixinol CBD Hemp Balm is an excellent, soothing skin balm and helps tremendously at rejuvenating your skin. This hemp balm is an entirely all-natural product. Our CBD Hemp Balms protect your skin while offering soothing moisturization and quick absorption because our balm is altogether plant-based, free of synthetic chemicals, and CO2 extracted full-spectrum hemp oil. This CBD topical, with its synergistic extracts, provides a pleasant natural scent while supporting the CBD results. It comes in two strengths.

Elixinol CBD Balm Features at a Glance:

  • Product Type: Skin Care
  • Size: 4 oz (120 ml) CBD Hemp Balm or Extra Strength CBD Hemp Balm
  • CBD Content: 125 mg or 250mg of High-Quality Hemp CBD
  • Ingredients: Hemp Oil, other Organic Essential Oils, Whole-plant CBD extract, and Completely free of synthetic chemicals.
  • Uses: Commonly used as a dietary supplement by those looking for a high-performance diet with low cholesterol
  • Legal in All Fifty States

This Balm is a naturally soothing balm and natural moisturizer. Because of this, they are superior to the health of the skin. Elixinol’s custom made blend includes: Virgin Andiroba Oil, Pure Ucuuba Butter, Blue Mallee Eucalyptus, and phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil.

Our skin is exposed to different factors daily, whether it’s hot or cold or harmful microbes and other potentially dangerous elements. Keep this in mind; your skin can become inflamed, red, rashy, infected, and painful. This CBD Balm is full of only natural ingredients, whereas your drug store topicals will have several synthetic ingredients or toxic ingredients that are unknown to us.




One of the many benefits of Elixinol CBD oil products is pain relief for dogs as well as humans. Other benefits of CBD is to reduce inflammation, stress, and anxiety. It is an excellent alternative pain relief remedy when compared to traditional options like opioids. Hemp oil provides a great alternative pain reliever because it is not addictive. We grow hemp in the United States and in Europe and Australia to produce quality products. Since we grow organic hemp from seed to sale in each location, we are capable of providing the best products for you. Some of Elixinol's products contain Cannabidiol oil, which comes from the stem and flowers of the hemp plant. These products include tinctures, capsules, lotions, gummies, and dog treats, to name a few. But, the Sativa Skin Care Line made from hemp seed oil, not hemp CBD extract. Through a cold-press extraction process, we produce nutrient-rich hemp oil. This oil contains NO CBD or THC or any other cannabinoids. To ensure quality, Elixinol has its products tested by third-party labs. Not only is potency tested, but heavy metals, microbiological contamination, pesticide residue, and terpene profiles are all examined. These lab reports are known as certificates of analysis. Lot and batch numbers identify these reports for each product providing customers peace of mind about the quality of Elixinol CBD products. These high standards are what make Elixinol one of the largest CBD companies in the world, producing only premium products. Remember, Elixinol CBD dog treats provide pain relief for dogs. Elixinol, US Hemp-Authority Certified CBD Elixinol, Realm of Caring approved CBD Elixinol, Non GMO Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Elixinol
Elixinol, pain relief for dogs, cbd pain relief

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125 MG, 250 MG