FTP Pre-heat Battery Kit


Grab yourself one of the combo packs that include the FTP Pre-heat battery and a fabulous CBD cartridge and sit back and relax.


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FTP Pre-heat Battery Kit

FTP has a standard FTP Pre-Heat Battery Kit, which is available separately or in a vape/combo pack. These  510 thread vapes offer some distinct advantages over the standard premium batteries. These FTP pre-heat battery kits usually have more battery life and are discreetly compact. Some may even have an extra LCD and LED Technology. Which these are one of them with the pre-heat ninety-second feature. One remarkable feature of these 510 vape batteries is the cross-compatibility of various atomizers. These FTP Pre-heat Battery kits are lightweight and portable, and easy to use. The benefits of these batteries are Portability, Lightweight, Cross Compatibility, and a Solid Connection. They also include ease of use and discreet along with longer battery life.

Tips For Using The FTP Pre-heat Vape Battery With Oil:

Vaping with this battery is very simple. Always start slow and gradually increase until you feel you have reached your desired consistency. Take small puffs with intervals in between puffs until you reach your ideal dosage. Here are some things to keep in mind using different cartridges and this FTP pre-heat Battery. You will want to keep your variable voltage at a 2,5-2.8 voltage range with some of the older carts. Because some of them may still utilize silica wicks, and keeping it in that range keeps it from drying out and getting that burnt tasting hit.

Newer Vape cartridges such as the FTP cartridges use more of a current wick that allows you to hit it with higher voltage without the burnt taste. We recommend using them at around 3.3 volts. Some cartridges even use ceramic coil setups, which require much more amps than usual to get that desireable puff. These ceramic ones you can start at around 3.3 volts but no higher than usually 3.6 volts, or you may get that burnt oil taste.

As always, we continue to offer fantastic products that are affordable for people. We hope you trust our website and are receiving the CBD products you are expecting along with the results. Grab yourself one of the combo packs that include the FTP Pre-heat battery and a fabulous CBD cartridge and sit back and relax.

We hope you enjoy all the new products and thank you all for your support. We hope you continue to shop at Ultimate CBD Warehouse for all of our unique products.


CBD for the People

Do you want a quality uncut, unrefined dark CBD oil? Then CBD for the People, (CBD FTP), is the Hemp Cannabidiol company for you! CBD for the People decided to combine affordability and quality with a focus on superb customer service in the beginning. A core belief in integrity and transparency and always putting customers first and then profits. By taking care of people initially, and they will handle the business. This belief is often forgotten by large corporations today. But this niche belief has given our brand life. Daily CBD FTP fights for the health and wellness of our communities. We do this by producing raw uncut, unrefined whole hemp plant extract, also known as dark hemp cbd oil. FTP's products are made fresh in small batches ensuring our customers have the newest products available. Also, all our products are 100% free of preservatives, chemicals, or additives. The result is a quality product the way nature intended it, uncut and organic.

Standing for Quality

FTP believes in accountability; that is why we have traceability from the time we plant the seed until we place the product on the shelf. We use a supercritical CO2 extraction process to produce our raw hemp Cannabidiol oil. Finally, we provide a Certificate of Analysis for each step of our extraction process. Our unrefined hemp oil is tested to ensure they are 100 % free of solvents, pesticides, microbiological contaminants, and heavy metals.

Standing for Affordability

Since our profits are secondary to us, CBD for the People provides high CBD milligram products at a lower price when compared to other top brands of equal quality. The reason is simple; we want to help the people that need it the most but are unable to afford it for various reasons. Generally, this means the majority of us. Finally, don't forget to smile, laugh, love, and live each day to the fullest! CBD for the People hopes our products can help you do it.
CBD For the people


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