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Healing Harbors Hand Made CBD Soaps are a combination of quality natural oils known for numerous health benefits. Our goal is to make their hand made soaps to help individuals maintain health and relaxation.


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Healing Harbors Hemp CBD Soap, Benefits of CBD


Healing Harbors Hand Made CBD Soaps

Healing Harbors Hand Made CBD Soaps area combination of quality natural oils known for numerous health benefits. Our goal is to make their hand made soaps available to help individuals maintain health and relaxation. This CBD soap comes in a variety of fragrances with a relaxing aroma.

Healing Harbors Hand Made CBD Soaps features at a glance:

  • Product Type: Bar Soap / Bath and Beauty
  • Scents: Maine Woods, Lavender, Grapefruit Sea Salt, Casco Bay Breeze, And Lemon Poppyseed
  • Ingredients: 10mg of CBD
  • Size: 4 oz Bar
  • Uses: Commonly used to relieve stress, sore muscles, and insomnia, to name a few.
  • Legal in ALL 50 States

Our handcrafted CBD soaps made of Maine inspired scents such as Maine Woods, Lavender, Casco Bay Breeze, Lemon Poppyseed, and Grapefruit Sea salt.

Grapefruit Sea Salt Soap handcrafted to give you that burst of energy you need for the day. The natural grapefruit oil provides stress relief while also reducing inflammation. When we add sea salt, it will also help your body restore your electrolytes while regulating blood sugars and blood pressure, and sleep.

Wild Lavender Soaps are Hand made CBD Soaps, which are produced from essential oils that come from the lavender flower. The benefits of the lavender essential oils are to enhance blood circulation, treat respiratory problems, and provides a natural source of pain relief.

Maine Woods Hand Made CBD Soap will have you feeling like you in a beautiful pine forest while closing your eyes. You will enjoy smelling the fresh scents of pine, balm, and fir trees.

Casco Bay Breeze Refresh your skin with CBD and all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients of this soap. We made this soap from unique skinny kelp that only grows in the cold waters of Maine’s Casco Bay.

Lemon Poppyseed Wake up to brighter, cleaner skin with this refreshing mix of CBD. This CBD soap has organic poppy seeds (a natural and gentle exfoliant) and purifying lemon essential oils.


Lather yourself up generously as you soak in the tub with Healing Harbors CBD Soap and wash the day’s stress away and enjoy a great night’s sleep.


Healing Harbors Hemp Products | CBD Products

The best Hemp products sold here in Maine are Healing Harbors CBD products. Purchase handcrafted CBD infused hemp soap to wash the day's stress away. Are you looking for CBD to reduce inflammation? Try tasty daily defense CBD oil drops for you or your pets.Our mission is stated in our logo, "Care for Everybody". We are conquering people's pain, inflammation, insomnia, and the things that steal joy from their lives with CBD infused hemp products.Maine resourcefulness and kindness are what sets us apart from other hemp businesses. Not to mention using quality natural, locally sourced hemp plants and ingredients to make small craft sized batches.Check out Healing Harbors' hand made CBD infused hemp soaps. Choose from Maine-inspired scents: Casco Bay Breeze, Maine Woods, Grapefruit & Maine Sea Salt. Transport yourself back to “The Way Life Should Be”. Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep after showing with our soap.Want to try cbd for inflammation? Daily defense hemp oil tincture is a  great option. Purchase it in multiple strengths. Need to reduce your pet's inflammation? Try Wild Alaskan Salmon Daily Defense Pet CBD Oil Tincture Drops from Healing Harbors.Hemp CBD products provide an alternative to traditional remedies.  You can substitute an over the counter product or a prescribed product with a more natural option."Farm to Tincture" means we grow Healing Harbors CBD organically in Maine soil. We use a gentle ethanol extraction method to ensure quality. All our products are tested for purity and strength by an independent third-party lab.Support this Veteran & Women-Owned Business located in Harpswell, Maine. Is Healing Harbors CBD sold here in Colorado? Yes!Healing Harbors CBD, Veteran Owned Business
Healing Harbors Hemp CBD Soap, Benefits of CBD

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