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Research from the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health shows Cannabidiol hemp salve helps with relieving chronic pain and inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis, strained muscles, and joints.



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Blue Moon Hemp Salve with Zero THC

Blue Moon Hemp produces a very high-quality salve from full-spectrum hemp oil. Our hemp salve is extracted and organically grown on a Kentucky farm. To ensure that our products are of the highest quality, we send our products out to a third-party lab to be tested and reinsure that we only produce the most top quality product available.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Salve Features at a Glance:

  • Flavors: Eucalyptus, Limonene, and  Natural
  • Type:  CBD Salve
  • Size:  1oz, 2oz, or 4oz
  • Ingredients:  125mg of CBD, 250mg of CBD, or 500mg of CBD
  • Uses: Common uses of Blue Moon CBD salve is to provide pain relief from joint, muscle, and arthritis pain, and reduce inflammation
  • Legal in All 50 States

This hemp pain relief cream will penetrate the dermal layer of your skin. By absorbing into the painful area, it provides you the benefits of CBD as an all-natural pain product. Choose your favorite one. It comes in Natural, Eucalyptus, and Limonene. It also comes in 3 sizes one ounce, two ounces, or four-ounce containers.
Research from the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health has proven that Cannabidiol hemp salve helps with relieving pain from strained muscles, joints, chronic pain, and inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

Rub a little Blue Moon Hemp pain relief cream directly on your sore muscles or joints to reap the benefits of hemp CBD. Since this is hemp lotion, it provides as an all-natural pain relief remedy as compared to prescription opiates.

So sit back and enjoy these products and come back and shop for all your CBD needs at We have a variety of CBD products, from pixie stix to honey as well as oils. Thank-You for shopping with us and have a great day!!


Blue Moon Hemp

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Blue Moon Hemp uses sustainable farming methods with all-natural fertilizers to grow their single strain of hemp.  We use Critical CO2 to extract the CBD, which means no butane, hexane, or other harmful chemicals. Also,  We spin the THC out of the hemp oil to a triple zero, non-detectable level. This results in a purity level testing at 99.7% pure CBD. So you shouldn't fail a drug test or get high regardless of the amounts consumed. Blue Moon Hemp infuses its products at their manufacturing plant in Baca Raton, Florida. Done with care to ensure Blue Moon Hemp provides the highest purity, quality, and tasty CBD products on the market. Blue Moon Hemp Featured In
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4 reviews for Blue Moon Hemp Salve | Zero THC ON SALE NOW!

  1. Randee Wysoki (verified customer)

    I have been using CBD cream for treatment of Granuloma Annulare. As there are no good medical treatments for this possible autoimmune skin problem, I thought, why not try CBD. After 2-3 months the skin lesions faded significantly and after 1 year of use they are barely noticeable. I will continue to use your excellent CBD cream forever !

  2. marshall winebarger (verified customer)

    On steal and concrete 10+hrs a day,probably walk more than 10 miles a day with steel toes,rub this heavily salve before work and before bed,on every sore muscle, shoulder neck,foot, hands, just everywhere, it works! Will continue to use always.

  3. Kathy Anderson (verified customer)

    I started using Blue Moon Hemp on my ankle, I had so much swelling and pain I went so far as to meet with a surgeon to discuss my options. Someone gave me a sample to try and since I have been using this I have very little pain and no swelling I also have some arthritis in my fingers and have noticed it is not bent and misshapen as it was ….an again I am happy to say no pain.
    I have been recommending Blue Moon Hemp to everyone I know many have purchased and a lot of them are seeing similar results.
    This product is unbelievable and I will continue to tell people about it.

  4. Michael Schwartzberg (verified customer)

    Works quickly and better than anything else I’ve tried for chronic pain from chemo. Great product!

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