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Bee’s Knees CBD Organic Hemp Oil Tincture made of pesticide-free and non-GMO organic hemp oil extracted from our farm-grown hemp plants in Pueblo, Colorado. 200mg and 600mg


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Bees Knees CBD, Hemp CBD Products


Bees Knees CBDs  Tincture

Bees Knees CBD Organic Hemp Oil Tincture made of pesticide-free and non-GMO organic hemp oil extracted from our farm-grown hemp plants in Pueblo, Colorado. They process the hemp in our laboratories and ensure quality by having a third-party test of all Bees Knees products.

Bees Knees CBD Oil Tincture Features at a Glance:

  • Product Type:  CBD Tincture
  • Ingredients: Organic Mint Essential Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Hemp CBD
  • Size: 30ml
  • CBD Content: 200mg or 600mg
  • Dosage: 30 ml bottle will provide 20 mg dropper daily
  • Sourced From 100% Colorado Industrial Hemp
  • Family Farm, Non-GMO & Vegan-Friendly
  • Legal in All 50 States

Bees Knees CBD

Like all of the Bees Knees products, they only use their own Organic grown Hemp, which is developed and made in southern Colorado. Because they only want the best quality CBD products produced, they make everything with their own organically grown hemp. They hire outside third-party lab tests to guarantee you are getting what you expect. By making this available, We strive to make your daily routine pain-free.

Bees Knees CBD oil tincture comes with a graduated dropper to ensure accurate dosing. Just squeeze the dropper full to get 1 ml of hemp oil containing 20 mg of CBD. Then you dispense the Bees Knees CBD tincture under the tongue for 20-40 seconds to allow absorption of the CBD and then swallow the remaining oil. We hope you enjoy our natural pain relief products. Come Back for more great CBD products and sales.

So sit back and enjoy these products and come back and shop for all your CBD needs at have a variety of CBD products from pixie stix to honey as oils. Thank-You for shopping with us and have a great day!!

If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use

Consult your physician before using CBD products if you have other illnesses and are on other medications.


Bees Knees CBD | Hemp CBD Products

Bees Knees CBD Hemp Products

You can enjoy the benefits of CBD when you purchase Bee's Knees CBD near me in Colorado. The benefits of CBD oil include reducing inflammation, stress, and anxiety. It is also an excellent alternative pain relief remedy.Bees Knees makes organic hemp gummies, tinctures, capsules, lotions, balms, coffee, and pet CBD oil. We also make vape cartridges with an isolate in various flavors. Try delicious flavors Fruity Pebbles, Granddaddy Purple, Orange, Raspberry. Or maybe you would like Blueberry, Lime, Peach, Blue Dream, Andes Mint, Strawberry Lemonade). An alternative to the vape cartridge is our dab wax. Dab your tasty flavor of choice, whether that is Blueberry, Strawberry, Lemon, or Raw.Research studies are providing more support for the benefits of hemp. Recent research has shown hemp reduces inflammation, stress, and anxiety. It also helps improve the quality of sleep an individual gets at night.Bee's Knees CBD's is a family-owned and operated business located in Pueblo, Colorado. We take pride in producing our products from cutting the hemp in the fields to the extraction of the CBD oil in our labs to baking in the kitchen.Bee's Knees CBDS takes accurate measures in bringing our hemp CBD products from our farm to your home, allowing you to enjoy them as much as we enjoy producing them.Bee's Knees CBDS provides a great alternative to traditional remedies.  Whether you are seeking an alternative to opioids for pain relief or over the counter pain relievers, hemp CBD products prove to be an excellent alternative pain relief remedy.
Bees Knees CBD, Hemp CBD Products

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