Delta Botanical's Cannabidiol E-Liquid Concentrate 1250mg-CBD 30ml oil


Delta Botanical's CBD Vape  E-Liquid Additive

Vaping Delta Botanicals premium vape CBD E-liquids to get quick relief from numerous ailments.

Delta Botanical's CBD Vape  E-Liquid Additives features at a glance:

  •     Flavors:  Raw
  •     Type:  Vape Oil, Vape E-Liquid; Vape E-Juice;
  •     Ingredients: 1250mg CBD; NO THC
  •     Size: 30ml
  •     Uses: Commonly used to treat anxiety, stress, PTSD to name a few.
  •     Legal in All 50 States

A few soft puffs are all it takes of Delta Botanical's 1250 mg CBD vape E-liquid to enjoy quick relief that Cannabidiol provides you.