Trusted CBD Oil Brands | Pure and Potent CBD Products

Trusted CBD Oil Brands | Pure and Potent CBD Products

Comparing CBD Products | The Best CBD Oil Brands 

With the passing of 2018’s landmark Farm Bill, CBD sales surged in 2019 and 2020. Once difficult to source and scrutinized to use, CBD oil is now a reputable and trusted holistic remedy. CBD brands are abundant on the market. However, while this may seem like a good thing, the amount of choice can be overwhelming for consumers. It’s hard to know what labels boast the best purity and potency in this new sea of CBD brands.

To make your life easier, the Ultimate CBD Warehouse has done the homework for you. Our CBD oil collection is expertly curated to represent the highest standards of quality in the industry. Please keep reading to learn more about our brands and what makes them great!

What is CBD Oil, and What Does it Do?

If you’re new to the wonderful world of hemp, all the different CBD products and jargon can be confusing. You know that everyone is raving about their favorite CBD creams and oils but can’t figure out precisely what these holistic remedies do. Allow us to lay the framework for you.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a plant extract sourced from the cannabis Sativa plant. Unlike its well-known and well-loved cannabinoid cousin, THC, CBD does not affect the brain or produce the “high” effect. Instead, CBD comes with many health benefits that are being studied by the country’s top scientists. CBD’s role in relieving chronic pain, managing anxiety and depression, and inducing deep sleep are explored.

So, what is CBD oil?

Once extracted from the plant, CBD is diluted with a carrier oil, like coconut or olive oil, to produce the CBD oil that arrives at your door. Though some people refer to CBD as cannabis oil, this is ultimately incorrect. Cannabis oils contain a high THC potency, are used for different purposes, and are not yet legal everywhere. CBD oil is safe, legal, and non-psychoactive.

Our CBD Oil Brands

At Ultimate CBD Warehouse, we know CBD. Our team is adept at discovering and sourcing the best CBD oil brands at the lowest prices.

As a loosely-regulated industry, the CBD market tends to be overcrowded with money-grabbing brands hawking poorly-made, ineffective products. However, a few brands stand out and have earned our trust through years of exceptional service and their commitment to continually producing top-grade CBD products that actually work. From seed to shelf, here are our favorites:

Bee’s Knees CBD

Bee’s Knees CBD is a boutique CBD purveyor based in Colorado. Their hemp farm is family-run and only produces the finest fresh, organic, and non-GMO CBD. We love that their CBD oils are entirely pure and free of synthetics. If you strive to live sustainably and choose brands that put our planet above their own profits, Bee’s Knees is the eco-conscious CBD brand for you.

From balms to gummies and oils to coffee beans, Bee’s Knees CBD makes getting your daily dose of CBD a fun and personalized experience. Browse all of their products and learn more here.

CBD For The People

CBD For The People has their mission statement written right into their name: for the people. As an onslaught of low-quality CBD brands surfaced to take advantage of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD For The People remained un-corrupted by the new potential for massive profitability. As a brand, they believe that access to pure and effective CBD treatments should be a right, not a privilege for only the very wealthy.

All of CBD For The People’s oils are tested to ensure they are free of residual solvents, microbiological contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals. The result? CBD product perfection.


CBDfx is the authority on CBD innovation and accessibility. Founded by two young entrepreneurs in 2014, CBDfx quickly set the industry benchmark for quality and purity. Today, they are one of the most respected and far-reaching CBD brands, serving the US, UK, and Europe. New and experienced CBD users alike will find a friend in CBDfx’s creative, flavorful, and fun line of CBD products.

Green Mountain Hemp

While most organic CBD brands hail from Colorado, Green Mountain Hemp makes its home on the east coast. Based out of Vermont, Green Mountain Hemp Company is all about natural remedies and holistic healing. Like Ultimate CBD Warehouse, their team believes that health should be placed above all else. Their motto, “Live The Way Nature Intended,” reflects its core beliefs that the body has a natural ability to heal itself, and our greatest resources come from the earth.

Browse Ultimate CBD Warehouse’s Green Mountain Hemp Co. collection now!

Healing Harbors

Neighboring Green Mountain Hemp Co. is the Maine-based initiative, Healing Harbors. Healing Harbors endeavors to redefine CBD products’ possibilities and healing through the spirit of Maine kindness and resourcefulness. From humble beginnings, making just one product for one person, Healing Harbors has now gained industry recognition. However, they keep their finely-tuned process the same. Crafting all their CBD oils and creams in small batches, the company has a strict internal quality control process from sourcing the hemp seeds to placing their CBD products on Ultimate CBD Warehouse’s virtual shelves.

Learn more about their mission here.

Other Leading CBD Oil Brands

Ultimate CBD Warehouse is proud to stock:

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Ultimate CBD Warehouse only chooses to partner with transparent and reputable brands that leverage third-party laboratories for your peace of mind. We have no minimum order and are pleased to offer free shipping to all of our domestic clients. Browse the best CBD brands and oils today!

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